3/23/15 4:20 PM
3/13/15 4:19 PM
2/17/15 5:26 PM
1/2/15 11:53 AM
12/9/14 10:21 PM
9/18/14 9:00 PM

Please join us at this great community event held in Pioneer Park.  Join us for a photo on the Death Star! 

•*✰ Alaska's Largest Halloween Event! ★*•
Saturday, October 25th 2014 :: Noon - 7:00pm 

- "Halloween Trick or Treat Town is an event that transforms 40 acres of the historical Pioneer Park into a whimsical, family friendly 'spook' tacular town. 
Fun for all ages!

While entertaining and fun is the theme, the focus is on Halloween Safety for children and their families. 
Nothing gory or horrific will anyone see. the theme is be spooky whimsical, and rated PG. 

The lights and decorations will be strung as Pioneer Park will be transformed into our very own 'fang'tastical" Halloween Town.
A wonderful brew of volunteers and local business who will unite to create a safe and magical theme park atmosphere for all the little goblins and ghouls.

This event helps meet the goals of many local nonprofits through concession, entertainment, and sales. The final proceeds go even further to support the Rebuild of the University West Park. 
See You There!!

Photos (1)

Join the Alaskan Outpost at Barnes and Nobles on Sunday, April 6th for this Book Fair fundraiser to benefit the North Pole High School Graduation Party.

We will be available for photos.

Flier by Hannah

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If you would like access to the Alaskan Outpost forums, please be sure to not only create your account profile on the forums, but ALSO send an email to the outpost with the following information:


-          where you live (city, state)

-          what costumes you are interested in

-          what you know about the 501st




Anyone who does not do so may very well be left in the IGNORE LIST and eventually get DELETED.  We just get too many spam email applications trying to get into our forums so this is what we need from you to prove you are a real person.





Joyce Young, tb 9449

Commanding Officer, Alaskan Outpost



Nothing is too cold for TB-9449, the Commander of the Alaskan Outpost!




Star Wars Reads Day Returns October 5, 2013


Come see the Alaskan Outpost Troopers at the Star Wars Reads day at:


Barnes & Noble Anchorage #2784

200 E. Northern Lights Blvd.

Anchorage, AK 99503


From 11am till 3PM



Come see the Alaskan Outpost this Halloween at this years annual Trick or Treat Town!

Friday October 25 between: 5:30PM till 9:00 PM

Saturday October 26 between: 11am and 8:00PM


Alaska Communications Garage 600 Telephone Avenue


Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door

Proceeds benefits Boys & Girls Clubs Alaska


Check out the Alaskan Outpost this September 8th at the Trick or Treat in the Heat event!
location: Kincaid Park - West Anchorage
date: September 8th
time: between 5PM - 8PM

What is ToTitH?
Trick or Treat in the Heat (TOTITH) is a neighborhood-wide early Halloween celebration.  Anyone who has experienced Trick or Treat with late October Alaskan weather knows what a borderline miserable experience it can be for our kids here (and their parents)!   By holding it in early September, the kids get to wear their costumes without cold weather gear.  The event has grown every year, and in 2013 will consist of four separate events, across five neighborhoods.

More info:


Attention Outpost Members!

Please be sure to vote in our Legion elections!


You have just under two days left!


No nominations (other than one for me) where submitted, so per Legion rules I will stay your outpost commander for another year.

I'll be talking to my current command staff to see if any changes need to be made.  More on that soon!


We currently are accepting nominations (from Legion members only) for Outpost Commander  for the Alaskan Outpost as well as other Legion positions.

Only three days left to submit your nomination though!